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Paradisus Dei

Mysteries of the Rosary - DVDs - The Joyful Mysteries

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Enter into the Mysteries of Christ and Rediscover the Power of the Rosary

We live in a time of great crisis. So many in our world are tormented with desolation and despair. Yet the Gospel is exploding with joy! Joy is attractive, magnetic, contagious! Our world is desperately in need of a joyful Christian witness. The new evangelization will be marked by Christian joy! Everyone wants pleasure. More deeply, everyone wants happiness. Most deeply, everyone desires joy! To fully appreciate the Joyful Mysteries, we must enter into the longing and waiting of Israel and try to imagine a world without a Savior. Let our hearts grow in anticipation for the coming of Christ. The Word became flesh and exceeded our wildest expectations!

Episode 1 | The Fullness of Joy
Episode 2 | The Annunciation
Episode 3 | The Visitation
Episode 4 | The Nativity of Our Lord
Episode 5 | The Presentation in the Temple
Episode 6 | The Finding in the Temple
Episode 7 | The Sweet Exchange