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Paradisus Dei

The Battle Over the Bride DVD Set (Fall and Spring)

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Through this program you will learn:

  • The uniqueness of the Catholic vision of love and marriage, which is so profound that it transcends the limits of this world to touch the divine.
  • Powerful stories from around the globe of men and women who have "fought the good fight" to give testimony to the power of love.
  • The mystical reality of the Catholic Nuptial Mass.
  • The time-honored approach to discover and overcome the struggles in the spiritual life.
  • The ability to develop a systematic approach to the spiritual life.
  • The hidden life of the Holy Family, which is offered as a model for your family.

These are not to be used for parish group meetings. For parish group meetings, please contact Paradisus Dei as your group may be eligible to receive the sessions for free.